DriverSmallA bus driver is an integral part of a student’s day. Seeing them twice daily for 5 days of the week, their smile and warm greeting upon opening the bus door as you flash your bus pass can make your day.

The Minden Bus Service’s drivers have been making students’ days for over 50 years. Minden Bus Service was purchased by Jim Hill in 1997 from Mr Tom Wolfinden who started the business out of the service station across the road. During the 25 years Mr Wolfinden owned Minden Bus Service he had grown the business to 15 school routes and carried an average of 750 students.

Today the company has a modern fleet of 21 vehicles, operates 17 school routes throughout the Sommerset and Ipswich regions and has expanded into 2 depots at Minden and Lowood, carrying an average of 1000 students daily.

For over 50 years Minden Bus Service has been dedicated to excellent service, and have done the utmost to provide safe, affordable and reliable travel to students in the Brisbane Valley community.